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Hauck O, Noback A, Grobe LO. Computing the Holy Wisdom. In: Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage - Contributions in Computational Humanities. Vol 3. Hans Georg Bock, Willi Jäger and Michael J. Winckler, University of Heidelberg ed. Heidelberg: Springer; 2012. 2. p. 205-216p. (Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences; vol 3).
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Wittkopf SK, Grobe LO, Geisler-Moroder D, Compagnon R, Kämpf J, Linhart F, et al. Ray tracing study for non-imaging daylight collectors. Solar Energy. 2010;84:986-996.
Grobe LO, Wittkopf SK, Panday A, Xiaoming Y, Seng A, Scartezzini J-, et al. Singapore's Zero-Energy Building's daylight monitoring system. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Energy 2010.; 2010.
Best Paper Award Finalist
Grobe LO, Geisler-Moroder D, Wittkopf S. Transfer of measured transmission distribution data into Radiance. In: 9th International Radiance Workshop CD.; 2010.
Wittkopf SK, Yuniarti E, Soon LK, Grobe LO. Virtual Sky Domes - Making the CIE/ISO Standard General Sky available for CAD-based light simulation software. In: Proceedings eSim 2006 Building Performance Simulation Conference.; 2006. 4. p. 41-48p.