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Characterization and data-driven modeling of a retro-reflective coating in Radiance

TitleCharacterization and data-driven modeling of a retro-reflective coating in Radiance
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGrobe LO
JournalEnergy and Buildings
KeywordsBSDF, complex fenestration, data-driven model, daylight simulation, glare, radiance, retro-reflection, shading

Retro-reflective coatings applied to blinds of reduced geometric complexity promise to provide view to the outside while effectively controlling solar gains and glare. To characterize the reflection characteristics of such coatings over the entire solar spectrum, a novel extension to a scanning gonio-photometer is developed. The extended instrument is tested and applied to measure a coating’s Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function including the region of the retro-reflected peak. The measured data-sets are compiled into a data- driven reflection model for the daylight simulation software Radiance. This model is applied to illustrate the coating’s effect in a comparison to purely diffuse and specular surface finishes on geometrically identical, flat blinds. Daylight supply, the probability of glare, and solar gains are assessed for an exemplary, South-oriented office under sunny sky conditions. The results indicate the potential of the coating to effectively shade direct sun-light even if applied on blinds with minimalistic geometries. The modeling technique is shown to be a general means to replicate the irregular optical properties of the coating, which cannot be represented by the standard models in daylight simulation software.

Refereed DesignationRefereed