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Progressive photon mapping for daylight redirecting components

TitleProgressive photon mapping for daylight redirecting components
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSchregle R, Grobe LO, Wittkopf S
JournalSolar Energy
Pagination327 - 336
Keywordscaustics, daylight simulation, light redirection, Monte Carlo, physically based rendering, raytracing

Abstract Daylight redirecting components (DRCs) are characterised by complex transmissive and reflective behaviour that is difficult to predict accurately largely due to their highly directional scattering, and the caustics this produces. This paper examines the application of progressive photon mapping as a state of the art forward raytracing technique to efficiently simulate the behaviour of such DRCs, and how this approach can support architects in assessing their performance.
Progressive photon mapping is an iterative variant of static photon mapping that effects noise reduction through accumulation of results, as well as a reduction in bias inherent to all density estimation methods by reducing the associated bandwidth at a predetermined rate. This not only results in simplified parametrisation for the user, but also provides a preview of the progressively refined simulation, thus making the tool accessible to non-experts as well.
We demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique with an implementation based on the Radiance photon mapping extension and a case study involving retroreflecting prismatic blinds as a representative DRC.